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A short note about my passion and devotion to fly fishing and guiding .....

...... well, this is not exactly a detailed Biography of myself, but it's a brief note about how I began guiding, working as an outfitter and living in San Martin de los Andes.....

I was born in Buenos Aires in December of 1969. I probably started fishing (with a bubber and bait of course) when I was about 3 years old, thanks to my father, who used to take me fishing with him.

In those early days in BA, fishing wasn't exactly nearby, or easy to practice by myself, so I believe my passion for the sport was mainly based in dreams and stories of big fish from a monthly day trip to a muddy lagoon an hour away from home....


When I was 10, I had my first opportunitty to fight a big 17" rainbow nearby Bariloche, and that was it, the beginning of a new era... Spinning rods...

Also that same year, I met a person that put a fly rod in my hands, a gamewarden named Don Rubén Pelletieri. He holded my hand against his rod grip and helped me try my first cast ever.... That was a sensation I still can feel and remember very well...


As I grew bigger, my family planned our vacations in Patagonia with a motor home, that was great fun , a month of fishing and fishing .....

In 1987, I decided to buy my first fly rod, a vise and tying materials for basic fly patterns, and try my own tecnique for several years (always carrying a telescopic spinning rod in may back pack, in case I could not reach the good holes...) My tying was much better that my casting at that point!

That same year I bought my first car, an old Renault 12, which helped me a lot, being able to escape to this area by myself, giving me the freedom to move around camping and scouting new areas around Esquel, Corcovado area, Junin and San Martin de los Andes area, where I have my home today.



In 1991, while I was assiting at the University and working in my own computer business, I took night casting lessons twice a week with an Italian teacher (Enzo), which helped improving my casting.

In March of 1994, I got my University degree in computers (Licenciado en Sistemas) , something like a "computer Architect", which made me more than happy.... no more University, more time for work and for fishing of course....

My computer outsourcing and software development business was doing great, especially during winter when I was around, summers became messy.... My vacation-fly fishing time was hard to control......


Knowing this area, suddenly and without thinking a lot about it, in 1999, I decided to leave BA. I left my computer clientele and business in good hands, my family, friends, etc.... bought a 4x4 truck, raft, motorboat, and headed to San Martin de los Andes area.

Lucky for me, the same summer of 1999. I started guiding for one of the Lodges in the area and I felt so comfortable and had so much fun doing it, that I decided to keep doing it and started my own outfitting business.


Now I have the most beautiful family (Lorena, Pedro and Martina), live in a dream area, and have the chance to work doing what I love "Fly Fishing" and sharing my passion for the sport with my clients who become my friends.


Tight lines!

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