3 Rios Lodge

Tres Rios casa de Campo

3 Rios Lodge and Casa de Campo is located about 1 hour away from Chapelco airport, at the confluence of the Chimehuín and Collon Cura Rivers. The house sits on a hill overlooking both rivers, offering an incredible view of a typical Northern Patagonia scenario.

This new and very exclusive lodge offers accommodation to a maximum of 8 anglers.

Three double and spacious rooms are situated in the main house. A master suite is located in an additional building a few steps away offering the most beautiful views, extra space and very unique setting.

Enjoy exquisite gourmet and homemade style meals prepared by the house chef, served with great Argentine wines, while you enjoy a relaxing and real Patagonian house atmosphere.

This is a real eco-lodge that runs and generates its own electricity through solar panels and small windmills.

The house design is very comfortable and works perfect. A living room and a nice bar are always available for an 'after fishing drink', while dinner is served at the adjascent dinning room.

Estancia 3 Rios Location map
area map showing tres rios casa de campo

Tres lagos Lodge Photos
Tres Rios Lodge photo
Tres Rios Lodge drone photo
Tres Rios Lodge main house photo
Tres Rios Lodge sky view photo
Tres Rios Lodge living room photo
Tres Rios Lodge living room and bar photo
Tres Rios Lodge livng room view photo
Tres Rios Lodge bar photo
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Private access to the lower Chimehuin River
The Chimehuin River
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Tres Rios Lodge offers a unique chance to wade-fish the last 7 miles of the Chimehuin River, plus the possibility to float a couple of different sections combining the Chimehuin and Collon Cura Rivers.

a photo from 3 Rios lodge and location

This private and quick access to the Chimehuin using interanl roads, offers the opportunity to fish a nice morning session, come back to the lodge for lunch and relax for a while. Dicuss what section to fish in the afternoon!

The Chimehun river is well known for its good and dense hatches, so depending the time of the year you are visiting us, you might have morning and evenings hatches. Great dry fly fishing!

Read more about our rivers, click here

Link to Chimehuin River Photos Link to Fisihing Rivers video

a photo from 3 Rios lodge and location

Fishing the Collon Cura River
The Collon Cura
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The Lodge has unique access to wade fish the area around the confluence of the Chimehuin and the Collon Cura Rivers. If you are not staying at the lodge the only way to get there is drifting, so we normally fish that strech in th mornings, before any other anglers could reach that water.

We personally like the idea of using 3 Rios Lodge as a frist stop before we move into Collon Cura or Quemquemtreu lodges, located downstream from 3 rios property. This works fantatsic, since you will be moving from one lodge to the other basically fishing... We will move the luggage for you!

That stretch of the Collon Cura River offers different types of waters and a world of side channels and lagoons. This will vary depending on the time of the year your trip is scheduled.

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