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Arroyo Verde is a real nice Family and Luxury house turned into a cozy and first class guest house offering private access to the Traful River

San Huberto Tipiliuke Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Collon Cura Quemquemtreu

Patagonia Go First Class......

  Estancia Arroyo Verde is located about two hours south from San Martin de los Andes Town, and about an hour away from Bariloche airport.

This elegant and fancy Lodge offers excellent cuisine, uniformed service, and a very peaceful ambience. The beautiful main house is surrounded by magnificent scenery and landscapes, and not far from the Traful river.

The main house offers 1 single and 3 double bedrooms each one with private bathroom, plus one comfortable suite for 2 to 4 guests with one bathroom in an adjacent building.

For those who are looking for extra seclusion and spectacular views they also offer accommodations for 4 more guests in the lake cabin (also ideal for families), which has all the necessary comfort to enjoy a quiet and relaxed stay (fire place, kitchen, bar). The log cabin overlooks the Traful lake and its located on top of a rocky cliff, just 10 minutes away from the main lodge.

Fishing and the Legendary Traful river.....


Over 10 miles of "the magical Traful River" run through Arroyo Verde's property were the chances to find another angler are not really many.

This is the provably the best river in all Patagonia to find and catch trophy Atlantic Landlocked Salmon and at the same time challenge monster browns and extremely strong and silvery rainbows.

The traful's gin-clear waters hold several trophy trout and land-lock Atlantic Salmon records and could be the most demanding sight-fishing river in all the area.

This is an "only wading" river, for 12 rods max!


Hicking and horse back riding around Estancia Arroyo Verde.....


Arroyo Verde lodge is located in the middle of an incredible green valley, surrounded by a dense protected native forest. Several paths, trails and small roads allow you to get to some remote locations.

Reach to the top of amazing rock formations and discover new views of the Traful river and the Traful lake. Enjoy the national park rich backwoods and vast territory.

If you love horses and wilderness, this ranch offers one of the most attractive areas to go out, ride beautiful and mild horses and enjoy a different day (or a few hours, whatever you prefer)


What you need to know about Traful river fly fishing.....

THE TRAFUL RIVER runs through the most spectacular, wind and water sculpted valley providing great fishing structure and unforgettable scenery.
Sight Fishing: The pristine and crystal clear waters are perfect to sight-fish. I would not say it easy, as a matter of fact it's really demanding compared with other rivers. But there is no doubt, that adrenaline will be running and it's a lot of fun!
Average trout run from 20 " to 24". Fishing can be hard some days, but catching one of this monsters will definitely make your day! It is not un usual to find big browns and rainbows that easily exceed 26", but landing them is a different story....
Atlantic landlocked Salmon can be frequently found, and catching 3 to 10 lbs salmon is not strange, especially in early or late season, holding a record of a 18-lb. salmon (Ernie Schwiebert).
A lot of the fishing is done with big dries (4-14) and nymphs, but in some cases a good streamer or a mouse pattern will be the only tool to turn the trophy ones ....
The access to the fishing areas is very easy and fast. Estimate 5 to 15 minutes
In most of the cases the wading is easy to very easy, except a couple of rocky areas
This rainbows will test your rod, knots, tippets to the limit! You'll see the backing line running out fast!
Early or late Season is usually the best time to catch Atlantic Landlocked Salmon and big Browns!
Enter PHOTO GALLERY(Arroyo Verde, The Lodge, Fishing, sceneries, more...)  

Arroyo Verde Lodge (Estancia Arroyo Verde)

Private access to
Traful River
(10+ miles)
Traful Lake and Internal lagoons
Number of Rods
12 max
4 rooms main house & guest house(4 guest) + lake cabin (4 guest)
ONLY Wading
Sections with sand, others mid size boulders, still OK. Rock areas too.
Suggested tackle
5wt - 7wt rods, WF-F lines + shooting heads or combined lines (Teeny Style)
Waters recommended for anglers with some experience.
Sometimes beginners "luck" works better than expertise!!!
Access to river
Very Fast and easy using internal roads (from 5 to 10 minutes)
2 hours + away from Chapelco airport.
2 hours from San Martin de los Andes
1 hour from Bariloche Airport
Suggested Nights
  from 2 to 4 nights
  220 v (generator does not run during the better light hours, usually we a re out fishing)
Laundry, telephone, fax, limited internet access (wi-fi)
Lamb "al asador" at the lake cabin area
Other Activities
Horse back riding, Trekking, bird watching
guided tours to Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes Town, 7 lakes road and more..... (please inquire, not all are included and some have to be programmed before your arrival)
Lla Llao or Chapelco Golf
6 to 12 months ahead !
Busier time is from December 24 until late March
Low season rates Nov-Early December (not every season, please ask!) April except eastern weekend
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