Estancia Arroyo Verde

Arroyo Verde fly fishing Lodge

The Estancia is situated about two hours south from San Martin de los Andes Town and about 1 hour 30 minutes away from Bariloche Airport. Porbably this Lodge is the most elegant and fancy we have to offer in our programs.

Excellent cuisine and service, and it's peaceful ambience surrounded by magnificent sceneries and landscapes will make you feel really relaxed during your stay.

The main house offers 4 comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms, plus a comfortable suite with private bathroom in an adjacent building.

For the ones that enjoy solitude and impressive views, there is a lake cabin available about 5' away from the lodge, constructed on the most beautiful rocky cliff, overlooking the Traful Lake, witch can accommodate from 2 to 4 guests.

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Private access to Traful River
The Magic of the Traful:

The Traful River runs through the most magical wind and water sculpted valley providing great fishing structure and unforgettable sceneries.

Fishing is never easy but this river holds many records, so the reward can be very big! As a matter of fact, Traful is almost the only river in Patagonia where landlocked Atlantic Salmon can be frequently found, and catching 3 to 10 lbs salmon is not strange, holding a record of a 18-lb. salmon.

a Traful River map estancia arroyo verde

Trophy Browns and rainbows share the same crystal clear waters.

In most of the cases sight fishing using size 12 to 16 nymphs is the best way to hook them. Of course seeing this big trout that normally exceed 22" adds a lot of excitement to the fishing day, testing all your skills, technique, patience and "luck" to land these big monsters....

Our record brown with a guest goes all the way to 34"... male brown trout!

This water is ONLY WADE FISHING and catch and release river.

Read more about our rivers, click here

Link to Traful River Photos Link to Fisihing Rivers video

a photo huge Traful River brown trout

Non-Angling activities
Hiking and Horse back riding
For those who love just to be outside and enjoy the nature, Arroyo Verde will be ideal. Quiet and surrounded by a magic Valley this is a place to enjoy nature and fantastic views. From easy hickes around the house to the most demanding ones can me sheduled with the assistance of a trecking guide.

Guided Horse Back Riding: The Lodge has excellent and mild horses, and the ranch has plenty of nice alternatives to spend just a couple of hours out, or a full day carrying along a pic-nic.

Horse photo at Arroyo Verde

Different trails and itineraries are available, for easy to hard up into the Andes Rides!

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