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Collon Cura offers great service and excellent private access fishing on the Collon Cura River

San Huberto Tipiliuke Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Collon Cura Quemquemtreu

..... it’s simplicity makes it work just perfect!

  Located about one hour from Chapelco or Bariloche Airport, almost in the middle of a high desert, Collon Cura Lodge offers private access to float the best sections of the biggest river in our area, "the Collon Cura"

Not luxurious or fancy but very functional, peaceful and pleasant, it’s simplicity makes it work just perfect.

The Lodge offers 4 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, sharing a small living room and will accommodate a maximum of 8 guests.

During your stay, enjoy their perfect home made style dinners and the most wonderful river-lunchs, complemented with fresh vegetables from their own garden and selected Argentine red wines.

The Fishing.....

  More than 25 miles of Collon Cura river, plus channels and lagoons, are accessible through the huge ranch.

The most common and easy way to fish this river is drifting. The water speed and river structure its just ideal to use low profile drift boats, skiffs, rafts and catarafts.

Internal roads lead to different put-in/take out areas allowing us to float a different section every day . For those who prefer just to wade fish, there are several great runs reachable by car or we can always drift straight to them....
THE COLLON CURA RIVER runs through a dry, flat and wind-water eroded valley.Part of the banks are fully covered by a dense willow forest witch makes a beautiful green / dry contrast that has a unique charm.
Deep and slow pools, shallow and flat runs, long cut banks, riffles, a universe of channels and small lagoons form an amazing habitat for a dense population of rainbows and browns.
Trout between 14 and 22 inches will test your fly rods and reels to the limit, pulling the backing out of your spools ....
If you like the dry fly action and light tackle, late December and January can be amazing, if the green "inch worm hatch" is ON. Also terrestrials and big attractor patterns work very well, specially fishing against cut-banks.
Usually during February, March and April a big migration of minnows floods the river, while big browns and rainbows follow them in schools, attacking them during the entire day
The access to the fishing areas is very easy . Estimate 5 to 30 minutes
In most of the cases the wadding is easy to very easy, except a couple of rocky areas.But fishing from the skiffs makes it easier in many cases....
The Collon Cura is not really known for sight fishing, but during most of the afternoons some dense hatches occurs and raising trout are easily found surface feeding.
This a a great place to have fun and catch a lot of trout!
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Collon Cura Fly Fishing Lodge

Private access to
Collon Cura River
(25+ miles)
Internal lagoons
Number of Rods
8 max
4 double rooms - guest house
easy - small gravel and boulders. Daily Float trips with some wadding.
Suggested tackle
5wt - 7wt rods, WF-F lines + shooting heads or combined lines (Teeny Style)
Waters recommended for any angler.
Beginners will enjoy a lot fishing this river!
Access to river
Very Fast and easy using internal roads (from 5 to 30 minutes)
1 hour 30 minutes hours away from Chapelco airport.
1'hour 50 minutesfrom San Martin de los Andes
1 hour 10 minutes from Bariloche
Suggested Nights
  from 3 to 4 nights
  220 v (generator)
Laundry, telephone, fax, limited internet access (wi-fi and a computer for guests)
Lamb "al asador"
Other Activities
Trekking, bird watching, guided tours to Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes Town, 7 lakes road and more..... (please inquire, not all are included and some have to be programmed before your arrival)
Lla Llao or Chapelco Golf
6 to 12 months ahead !
Busier time is from December 24 until late March
Low season ratesNov-Early December (not every season, please ask!)
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