Limay River Lodge

The greatest way to fish the Middle Limay River

The exclusive Limay River Lodge has been designed to provideon all the needs and details a perfect fishing lodge should have.

LRL is located about 50 minutes away from Piedra del Aguila, about 3 hours away from Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes airports. About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Neuquen airport.

Its unique location provides quick and easy access to simply amazing waters! Once you are based at the lodge, there are many different day floats and water to fish that we have some clients that stay there for a full week.

The "middle" Limay river is one of the most productive and big fish rivers in the area. This section of the world renowned Limay River has been a remote destination for years, and today we have the perfect way to enjoy fishing it.

Limay River Lodge Location map
area map showing quemquemtreu lodge

Limay River Lodge

The Lodge:
A clean and modern look, with all the deatils that a fishing lodge requieres.

The Lodges design provides easy and direct access to the rooms without the need to walk through a full house to get to your room. This lodge is perfect for anglers that look for practicity and comfort.
Wader hangers and a bench are right outside of your door to take your waders and waddings shoes off. Also a rod rack for each room to keep all your rods all rigged up, ready to go for each day.

photo from the Lodge LRL

The lodge offers 7 double bedrooms (each one with a private bathroom), a great living room, a dining room, outdoor fireplace and first class service.

It is a true luxury eco lodge, and the first lodge on the Middle Limay River featuring world class accommodations and international cuisine.

photo having dinner at the Lodge LRL

Limay River Lodge Photos
Limay River Lodge outdoors view photo
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Limay River Lodge room view photo
Limay River Lodge room details photo
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Limay River Lodge living room photo
Limay River Lodge dinner photo
A perfect bife the chorizo at Limay River Lodge photo
Dining-Living room at Limay River Lodge
Photo from the lodge Living room
drift boats are ready photo
getting ready for another fishing day
starting to move out to the middle limay river
a nice river lunch prepared by LRL chef
morning chat before fishing
one of the put-in places, just 200 yards from the lodge
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Private access to the Middle Limay River
Middle Limay River:

Over 50 miles of the Middle Limay River runs along the Patagonian high steppe into the huge Ramos Mejía Lake, home of a large population of rainbows and enormous brown trout, that will migrate up the river during the season looking for bait fish.

This is an exceptional tailwater fishery that flows out of Pichi Picun Leufu dam, guaranteeing consistent flow, temperature, clarity and the perfect habitat for rainbows and browns.

Some people think the Limay river as a "big water streamer only" fishery, and I must say, "they are wrong"! The middle Limay river system provides a world of fly fishing alternatives because the structure of the river is fantastic! There are many side channels, shallow and long riffles, cut banks and a lot of perfect wadeable water which makes it a destination for every angler!

Good hatches provide a lot of action on the surface. This is a river that will surprise you. It is the home of the most powerful rainbows in all our area.

During the entire fishing season, a big number of resident browns and rainbows that are spread along the river system and provide constant action. Regular fly fishing techniques work perfect. Big foam dries and classic dry fly patterns will bring agressive trout to the surface and in many cases unexpected oversized resident browns that can easilly go over 24 inches.

This pristine and healthy habitat offers a LATE SEASON SPECIAL! Beginning on late March, the migration of massive brown trout starts. A large number of browns will start moving up-stream from Ramos Mejía Lake getting ready for the spawning season, and that is when tape measures come out, trying to seek for a real number to put in our records book.... 30".. 31".. 33"....

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drone photo from the middle Limay River