Estancia Quemquemtreu

Quemquemtreu: a real working Ranch

Located about 1 hour "plus" from Chapelco airport (40 MILES), this huge estancia of 180,000 acres offers the chance to experience a different fly fishing trip, lodging in the main house of a traditional cattle and polo horses breeding ranch.

The lodge provides excellent "all inclusive" service with great home made dishes, nice wines, and a very warm and relaxed ambience.

The main house offers 5 double bedrooms each one with private bathroom, a nice dining room and a living room with a wide fireplace. Two other rooms can be also used in an adjacent house.

A side barn has been turned into a great Bar where snacks and drinks are served every night after fishing. There is also a ping pong & pool table for those who like to try their skills.....

Huge poplars, willows and pine trees provide cover for all the ranch structure formed by barns, corrals, polo courses, secondary houses that surround the Lodge. The place is really unique, it feels like real Patagonia!

Estancia Quemquemtreu Location map
area map showing quemquemtreu lodge

Quemquemtreu Lodge

The Lodge:
The main lodge house and all the surrounding buildings were THE HEART of Gente Grande, a huge ranch that covered over a million acres.

Today Quemquemtreu is not only a fishing and hunting lodge, still is a real cattle and polo horses breeding ranch, which adds a lot of extra interest for our guests (anglers and non-anglers visitors).

The main house, has been remodeled to be able to host up to 10 anglers in 5 double rooms with private bathrooms, keeping the original charm and atmosphere.
A charming dining and living room with a fireplace completes the setting, adding extra warmth to the house

Food & Wines:
Many of our guests defined Quemquemtreu's food as excellent: homy, fresh (veggies from the lodge green-house), they loved the simplicity of the local dishes, and they all highlight the evening asados.
Not to forget, we should mention that the river lunches are very complete and the include snacks, some quishes, nice beef, salads, etc etc....

A very nice sellection of wines is included with all the meals. Nice Malbecs, blends and cabernets usually from Mendoza or the Neuquen valley are served and carefully sellected by the lodge managers, Paula and Martin.

The Bar:
It diserves to mentioning "the bar" a special place at this lodge.
An old barn has been turned into a very nice and unique bar, where all the anglers gather together before dinners. Cozy, rustic and authentic are the typical words people use to describe it!

Quemquemtreu Lodge Photos
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Private access to Collon Cura River
Collon Cura River:

About 27 miles of the Collon Cura River run through Quemquentreu's property.

There are several put-in and take-out places which makes at least 3 different day floats.
Depending the water level and the time of the year, our guides might decide to combine them in different ways, making the best stretches a priority.

Fishing logistics from the ranch are very easy. Many times we leave the boat on the water once we end one day, being ready for a fast and convenient start the next day.

Driving distances to the river access will vary from 10 minutes drive to 40 minutes, depending the stretch you are floating that day.

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area map showing quemquemtreu lodge

Private access to Quemquemtreu River
Quemquemtreu River:

A small wade fishing river that runs entirelly inside Quemquemtreu Ranch. Over 15 miles of great spring and early summer waters (November until late December) provide anglers an excellent oportunity to land browns that can go over 24" in small water.

If you enjoy fishing upstream and prospecting with a big dry fly, we strongly recommend to try this small river.

The river is easy to access and not far from the lodge, you can be on the water in 5 minutes!

Some of our usual guests are just Quemquemtreu stream fanatics, and come to fish only the stream, and maybe float for a day the Collon Cura river....

Late in April, and depending on the water level, some huge browns migrate into the stream system to spawn, and they rise for dries!

Link to Quemquemtreu River Photos Link to Quemquemtreu River video
"Inquire about Early season special prices, usually before December 10th"

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