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Predictable hatches through the season

click and see the real photo of this beautiful hexagenia limbata  

Not a rule but almost and exact in some of the rivers in our area the hatches happen in a very predictable way. The Malleo, Quillen, Quilquihue and Chimehuin experience small size stoneflies spring - early summer hatches, usually before mid-day and sometimes they last for the entire day. Some spring creeks and smaller streams like the Malalco and Huaca Mamuil can provide a lot of action on small #12 to #18 skinny stonefly patterns.


Expect dense caddis flies hatches through most of the summer. Mid-mornings and evenings are usually the most active moments, although you might be able to see "clouds" of white micro-caddis and other species surrounding bushes and willow trees during the entire day.

Click and get the full size image, Chimehuin River
Click and see a full size picture of a nice evening mayfly hatch, Malleo River

Different mayfly families cycles hatch from our early summer till late fall, Ephemeridae type (like the big hexagenia), Ephemerellidae (Hendrickson, Red Quills, etc), Baetis (BWO), and Callibaetis (Quill Gordon, Grey/Blue Quils, etc). This last two start to hatch in March when the first frost shows. They are great fun to fish!

Through most of the season we use many of the known mayfly patterns an all the variations from them like, BWO, parchute BWO, Adams, Parachute Adams, Red Quil, Hendrickson, March Browns,

Blue winged Oliveclick and see the full size photo of this nice rainbow caught on a regular BWO  pattern
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