Collon Cura River Photos
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Probably the nicest setting to do it all!

From perfect & small side arms ideal to wade fish, to the ideal speed and structure to do day floats and camping trips, the Collon Cura is without a doubt one of my favorite rivers in Northern Patagonia.

This river is ideal for beginners but provides non-stop action for every type of anglers.

We spend most of our guiding days in the lower 27miles of it. There are two lodges located on each and opposite banks that porvide amazing private access making great day floats possible.

Collon Cura Lodge and Estancia Quemquemtreu are simply the best way to fish the lower runs.

Good hatches, action on big dries and terrestrials, dry-droppers, nymping, streamers... little dries.... well, as I mentioned before, a river to have fun using every fly fishing technique!

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