Middle Limay River Photos
Middle Limay river from the sky
a world of channels
fishing the cliffs on the Middle limay river
beautiful cliffs on the Middle Limay River
unique sunsets from the Middle Limay
a monster brown from the Middle Limay River
nice brown jumps, wade fishing the Middle Limay
a nice break for lunch time, middle limay river
water exploats when a nice rainbow trout feels the hook
wade fishing can be fantastic on the middle limay river
sight fishing by the red cliffs on the middle limay river
a nice rainbow trout from the Middle Limay River
nothing more fun that sight fishing
another bow from the Limay River
drone photo from a Middle Limay Riffle
wade fishing a great run
landing a nice rainbow on the middle limay river
a great silver migratory brown trout from the middle limay river
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Such a unique river and fishery!

The Middle Limay River is a big river that initially became famous because of the large migratory browns that are usually landed between late March and May.
Anglers also called this river the river of 1.000 casts.... BUT thisi is not exactly fair.

This river is problably one of the healthiest habitats for a large population of trout we have available in all Northern Patagonia.

The Middle Limay river system offers every type of structure that any angler should be interested in fishing. From big deep pools to the smallest side channels, fishing this river is simply a blast!

With the right weather you can easilly spot hundreds of rising trout (mainly good size rainbows) surface feeding out of some dense caddis or mayflies hatches.

There are many sight fishing opportunities fishing along some of the cliffs and high banks, pockets and shallow runs and small lagoons that get connected and disconnected to the river system depending on the water flow.

This is an amazing tail-water fishery guaranteeing good flow, temperature, clarity and cleanness at all times.

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