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San Huberto Front-Side View

"A CLASSIC" San Huberto offers great service and the best private access to the Legendary Malleo river

San Huberto Tipiliuke Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Collon Cura Quemquemtreu

The Lodge......

  Enjoy this family managed fishing lodge where every detail has been studied and perfected through all these years by the Olsen's to make work just perfect for you.

The Lodge provides an all inclusive style service with excellent food and personalized service. Offers 10 spacious rooms with private bathroom, living room with library and fire place, dinning room, after fishing open bar with regional snacks and drinks, hot tub, massage room, phone-fax-internet service (wi-fi), and more....

The main Lodge is surrounded by scenic views and a beautiful garden inviting the guests to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  Tour around SAN HUBERTO: Please check some of the photos from San Huberto and it's surrounding areas, or just click on the slide show button  

The Malleo River and dry fly fishing.....


The Malleo River is synonymous of "Dry Fly Action", that is why people from all over the World know about it.

Casting dry flies to actively feeding browns and rainbows has become a passion hard to control to many of our guests that season after season come back looking for a new challenge.

The Malleo runs smoothly through a wide valley changing its speed and structure slowly through its way down to the Alumine River. The upper part fished from San Huberto, provides ideal conditions to be considered unique in the area.

I wouldn't hesitate to say that this magnificent river provides the best structure and predictable hatches in the entire Patagonia Argentina. With very easy wading bottoms, cut-banks, small rock areas, weed-beds, some shallow riffles, deep pools, slow curves... what can I say, just perfect!

The Malleo River is and ONLY WADING river!

The Malleo river does not offer just incredible fly fishing. It combines all the perfect conditions and characteristics that makes a river an amazing "dry fly and sight fishing paradise”.
Tranquil, crystal clear waters and easy-to-walk bottoms formed by small boulders, gravel and volcanic sand areas which makes wading very easy in most of the sections.
Weed beds and cut banks provide the ideal structure for good size trout, that in many cases go over 20 inches.
Shady and cool areas where the banks are covered by willow trees provide the required habitat to keep good hatches around and shelter for those windy days in early season.
Predictable hatches through most of the season always help to plan the best fishing hours Different hatches might occur at the same time, and matching the hatch is essential. I can be great fun!
The access to the river is always easy and fast. Internal roads are in great shape and allow us to get very close to the fishing areas.
At lunch time, we can go back to the lodge or just pull the table and chairs out, and enjoy a great picnic on the river bank.
"Lot's of action on light tackle gear" we suggest 3,4 and 5 wt rods to fish the Malleo and Huaca Mamuil Spring Creek
San Huberto, the Lanin Volcano and the Malleo river .......... "a breathtaking experience"
Mayfly hatch at LA BARRANCA BAYA
A typical river lunch, in this case under the Little Apple tree!
Bob fishing "LA LECHUZA" - Malleo River
Click on the camera and open the Malleo River Photo Gallery Enter PHOTO GALLERY (San Huberto, The Lodge, Fishing, sceneries, more...)  

San Huberto

Private access to
  Malleo River
(20+ miles)
  Huaca Mamuil Spring Creek
      Huaca Mamuil Lagoon
      Tromen Lake
Number of Rods
  12 max
  10 rooms with private bathroom
  Easy to very easy
Suggested tackle
  3wt - 5wt rods, WF-Floating lines (sinking tip for early season NOV -DEC)
  Beginners through experts will take pleasure and have a great time fishing this waters.
      From mid February on, it turns to be more technical... longer leadres... thin tippets!
Access to river
  Fast and easy using internal roads
  45 minutes away from Chapelco airport accessible through paved road
      1 hour from San Martin de los Andes
      2 & 1/2 hours from Bariloche
Suggested Nights
  Guests just love San Huberto... from 3 to 7 nights
  220 v
  Massage, hot tub, Laundry, telephone, fax, internet WI-FI
Special Events
  Every Sunday night, ASADO (Argentinean Barbecue) with Empanadas cooked
      by "Gauchos" and served at the Barn.
      Cañas y Cacerolas! Usually early or late season
Other Activities
  Trekking, bird watching, horse back riding, guided tours to town, 7 lakes road and more..... (please inquire, since not all are included and some have to be programmed before your arrival)
      Golf - 40 minutes away!
  to avoid disappointmentt, try to book your trip a year in advance !
      Busier time is from December 24 until late March
      Low season rates Nov. 1st - Dec.21st and late April-May
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