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Trout fly fishing season and weather in Northern Patagonia Argentina


Every season a new Sportfishing regulation is released by our government in association with the National Park authorities.

This small book contains the personal fishing license and pricing, plus all the rules applied to our sport. It also clarifies the opening and closing dates for the season. Not every season starts and ends the exact same dates.

Season 2014/2015
OPENING DATE: November 8th, 2014 (rivers, Nov 1st->lakes)

CLOSURE DATE: May 1st, 2015 (see extension -May 31st)
To download the 2014-2015 fishing license - Click here
Late Spring - the trout season begins:

From November to mid December we usually have sunny and windy days mixed with some calm ones. Not every spring is the same, and the weather can rapidly change. The Andes mountain range keeps much of the rain on the Chilenean side, but we might have some rainy weather.

Depending of how hard the winter treated us, the water level of most of the rivers can be still a little high, which might force us to fish the smaller streams, river channels, and also shallower water. This is a good time for nymphs and streamers sometimes fished using sinking heads (lines like the "teeny"). Dry fly action will bring some nice trout and this action which will definitely increase on warmer days.

You never know, surprises in early season are not uncommon. Some big trout that came to spawn into the river systems decide to stay for a while and feed from some recently born trout. Especially big browns!

Also have in mind, that fly fishing in the lakes can be amazing. Trout are very hungry after spawning, and will take almost anything in a hurry. It is great fun!

"Inquire about Early season special prices"

Summer - warm days bring the first good & dense hatches:

From December 20th until the middle of March the conditions improve a lot. Warmer and even hot days start to show. Milder winds and better water temperature suddenly turn the caddis and first mayfly hatches on. Trout rapidly start to feed on the surface almost everywhere, which provides non stop fun on sunny days.

The water flow begins to slow down, making wadding easier. Drifting flies across some currents might be still hard to do in some of the rivers until mid January, but fish are so excited by big attractors and foam flies that will make them fall to the temptation to follow and take them, sometimes in horrible dragging situations......

Once summer is settled, hatches turn very predictable. Days are very long, but the best fishing ours can be easily chosen which will give us time for a good lunch followed by an almost necessary break ("siesta & mate time" is not mandatory, but you'll learn about it fast, especially during those hot summer days!). Great evening hatches!

In this period expect a lot of action on the surface and subsurface. We will fish dries, cripples, emerger and nymphs. We won't ever forget about carrying some streamers with us.

Check for special events in the hatches page

Fishing in the lake will be always fun. Cruising large rainbows over 20" are easily spotted feeding along the banks and won't hesitate to take a traditional dry fly. Streamer fishing will always work!

Gear: Some like to wet wade using a neoprene sock and light wadding boots, others prefer to use breathable waders. Bring light fleece insulation for the mornings and fast drying light shirts for the rest of the day. Never go out without a light rain jacket or wind breaker.

Don't wait until the last minute to plan your trip. Please have in mind that this time of the year will be very busy. January and February are school vacation time and everyone escapes from the big cities!


Early Fall - The beginning of the baetis hatches

March is a great month to fish, especially when the first frost turns the baetis and callibaetis cycles on!

Light tackle, long leaders with thin tippets become more important. Fish feed in slower water sipping from spinners, cripples and get wild and aggressive during the moments the emergers start to hatch becoming duns. In many of the cases this happens at the middle of the morning when the water temperature rises a little bit and sometimes it lasts a full day with peaks periods where more "bugs" will appear in waves.

This is not the only kind of fishing during this period. It is also a good time to start thinking about casting streamers in certain locations expecting to find aggressive browns and rainbows feeding on minnow schools and some are already thinking about spawning.

Days become shorter and cooler. In most of the cases the action is concentred at the middle of the day, so depending the guests appetite, we try to fish as much as possible, probably non stop from 10:30 / 11 am until the activity slows down (probably 3 /4 pm) and then have lunch. We usually go home early (7pm).

Recommended clothing: Don't forget to bring breathable waders waist high, wadding boots (studded or not) under layers like capilene or similar, polartek fleece, rain jacket or wind stoppers between others. You never know. Sometimes fall feels almost like summer, and you'll be probably bringing along too much insulation, but you never know.....

From mid April on, we offer promotional rates. Please ask

FISHING EXTENTION: May 1st - May 31st
Check each season regulations for detailed information

Mayflies will still be around. Some midges will also hatch.....

The main course will consist of trying to irritate this big and wild german brown trout that are getting together into schools beginning to think about the spawning process.

Colder and shorter days will concentrate all the action during the warmer hours. Probably the best ours to be out fly fishing will range between 11AM and 4PM.

Float trips will make our job easier and provide extra chances to find moving trout, that will be travelling in schools and looking for their mates.

Not every river will be affected by this special fishing extension

Rivers like Chimehuin, Collon Cura, the middle Limay, part of the Alumine, a section of the Malleo, Caleufu, Quiquihue are usually included and great fun to fish.

Suggested Gear: Some people take out their old neoprene waiders from the closet and feel comfortable using them. I still prefer to use a thicker thermal insulation layer under my goretex ones. A good underwear + shirt + fleece will be enough for most of the days. Carrying the rain jacket should be a smart thing to do, even in shunny days... You never know. Rain season is close.


For the brave who would like to try the fishing extension, we have great prices!

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